Matematiikan päivät 2016

7.–8.1.2016, Turku

Child care services

4.11.2015, 7:00

In the spirit of encouraging parents to take part in scientific events, we will try to facilitate them to take part to the conference.

We have reserved Room 277 (seminar room M1), Quantum, 2nd floor, for child care during the conference.
The conference organisers will also provide:

  • a breastfeeding private space
  • a changing table, with extra-nappies
  • a sink
  • microwave, with extra-babyfood
  • high chair for feeding your toddler
  • potties in the toilets near to the main venue

Finland is a very child-friendly country. Most spaces are accessible with a pram and almost every restaurant provides high chairs for customers and often babyfood or kids menus.

Renting children accessories

Babysitting services:

Medical assistance:

For emergencies, recall that the general emergency assistance number in Finland is 112.

Outdoors and indoors parks:



If you need help or assistance, feel free to contact the organizers through Paola Elefante,, tel. +358 40 0217654.