Exploratory papers

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Alyssa Adams, Hector Zenil, Eduardo Hermo Reyes and Joost J. Joosten

Effects of a Global Rule on Interacting Cellular Automata

Sébastien Autran, Enrico Formenti and Julien Provillard

More Decision Algorithms for Global Properties of 1D CA

Mariusz Białecki

An Explanation of the Shape of the Universal Curve of the Earthquake Recurrence Time Distributions by Means of a Cellular Automaton Model

Witold Bolt, Marcin Dembowski, Jan M. Baetens, Bernard De Baets

Solving the Density Classification Problem by Means of Continuous Cellular Automata

Silvio Capobianco, Jarkko Kari, Siamak Taati

Post-surjectivity and Balancedness of Cellular Automata over Groups

Rezki Chemlal

Equicontinuity Points and Eigenvalues of One-dimensional Cellular Automata

Henryk Fukś, Joel Midgley-Volpato

An Example of Degenerate Hyperbolicity in a Cellular Automaton with 3 States

Juan Carlos García Vázquez, Fernando Sancho Caparrini

Dynamic Behavior of a Non-local Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Eric Goles, Nicolas Ollinger, Guillaume Theyssier

Introducing Freezing Cellular Automata

Jimmy Jose, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury

Four Neighbourhood Cellular Automata as Better Cryptographic Primitives

Abhrajit Sengupta, Shamit Ghosh, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury

Dynamic Synthesis and Analysis of Maximum Length Linear and Nonlinear Cellular Automata

Dmitry A. Zaitsev

Simulating Cellular Automata by Infinite Synchronous Petri Nets

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21st International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems